"Under the guidance of Tamara Moore, the Colorado Springs Conservatory Board of Directors and leadership came to understand the true impact of the programming offered as it relates to  fiscal sustainability coupled with the importance of human capital.  Her approach is holistic, empathetic and strategic.  There is a quiet and diligent patience about how she works with teams to best understand possibilities, process and results."

- Linda Weise, Founding CEO Colorado Springs Conservatory

‚ÄčStrategic Planning


Are you in the process of defining or refining your direction?

At times we can get so focused on WHAT we are trying to accomplish that it can lead to analysis paralysis. Professionals are yearning to work with purpose and fulfillment.  Leaders are faced with the challenge of creating engagement, ownership and accountability in the planning process.

At the heart of every planning need lies the question, "What is our purpose and how do we best align our human and financial resources to achieve that vision?"  Purpose-driven organizations are outperforming their peers.  Why? They become very  focused on who they are and direct that energy intentionally.  They are fueled by passion and helping all of their stakeholders thrive. 

A good planning process asks us to examine WHY (purpose) we do WHAT we do and HOW (culture) we approach our work.  This engages people in the discussion and creates new energy about what inspires our efforts.

We can help guide a process for:

  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Goal Setting
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Brand Identity
  • Communication Strategy